• The maths and a move from Sydney to Europe says I should switch to British Airways. 75,000 lifetime platinum. It’s more attainable to start fresh with a more realistic program. Good bye to the Kangaroo. I’ll miss lots of things ... the lamb and mint pies but these changes make Qanta...

  • I would like serviceable but breathable fabrics in the seating and bedding options. Nothing worse than clingy sweaty fabrics. Natural would be nice ... but practical? In the absence of an enclose business suite for each passenger, it would be lovely to be able to change from clothes into PJs and ...

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  • Access to QF LHR Lounge T3

    Apr 12, 2019, 05:53 PM

    All great suggestions. Another nearby place to “tourist” is Hampton Court Palace. It’s about 25 minutes by car from Heathrow and has parking and a cloak room. They often have special events on.

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