• Great to see USA now opening up. In relation to both USA and Canada, are all three of the vaccines used in Australia acceptable as proof of vaccination?Thanks

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    May 29, 2019, 04:38 PM

    I have had this card for several years now when the annual fee was $199.00 The fee is now $79.00 but HSBC will not reduce my fee down (despite all benefits being identical) without filling in a new set of paperwork including providing income details etc.Absolutely ridiculous. Just prior to renew...

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  • Thanks for comment, was not aware that award seats not released until flights confirmed. Although QF are offering points flights at the "rip off rates" just not offering classic rewards flights.

  • Have Qantas stopped offering international classic rewards flights on their aircraft? I have been trying to book flights to Nth America for mid 2022 and they only offer classic rewards booking on One World partner airlines (in this case via Hong Kong or Tokyo). I notice the same applies for fligh...

  • Is it possible to use Qantas points for a cabin upgrade on Cathay? I am wanting to upgrade from Premium Economy to Business later this year. I spoke to Qantas FF without getting a definitive answer. Thank you

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