• I flew on this flight into Perth on 22nd June and economy was less than 50% full. Great being the only passenger in a window row of 3 and whole row having 5 passengers. Thought they would have waited to see the effects of EY cancelling before reducing services

  • some of the Key performance indicators that should be looked at by end of calendar year 2016 are share price, amount of profit and whether they have made enough money to pay a dividend to shareholders

  • it is my understanding that A320 (like Tager has) cannot fly from East Coast of Australia to Bali with sufficent passengers to make it profitable

  • MH regularly conducts 40 to 50% off promotions on frequent flyer redemptions. Early January they had a 40% off on frequent flyer tickets between KL and Perth so I booked a  business class ticket from KL to Perth for 24000 points so look out for these promotions in an effort to get more out o...

  • Emirates Airbus A380 Perth Airport

    Dec 16, 2014, 01:13 PM

    i am looking forward to travelling on Emirates A380 from Perth and its great to see an airline looking after Perth customers by upgrading services not reducing them. I have flown on SIA, QF and MH A380's so I will see how Emirates A380 compares with them

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