• So we flew a leg from HKG to SYD on Monday, arriving after 6am. The evening meal was good, but the brekkie was pretty ordinary. I only ever sleep 4 - 5 hrs and was looking for a coffee two hours till landing and in the galley I see the fruit salads and brioches lined up on the bench, ready to go....

  • ^^ Awful. I don't do turnovers for breakfast. I am flying in three weeks and am not looking forward to this. I haven't learned the trick to sleeping for hours on a flight, so a nice brekkie as early as I wish is what I want. Eggs, juice, fruit salad. Wonder if I can smuggle some in?

  • Your comment holds water for those work trip customers, but I always pay my way. I do like eggs for brekkie, not just a breakfast on the run! It makes me sad that Qantas is letting itself down again, in the guise of an improvement.

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