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  • Pay per visit lounge access at Sydney Airport. Does anyone know what the options are for visiting a lounge at Sydney International Airport and the costs? No airline status or associated Amex card, just some cash....

  • Qantas lounge access in Melbourne - I am flying Business Class Sydney to Melbourne (transiting) and onwards to LA in Economy (on the same ticket). Will I be able to access the Qantas lounge in Melbourne for my 2 hour stopover?

  • What happened to Virgin's Happy Hour?

    Mar 19, 2013, 09:47 PM

    What happened to Virgin's Happy Hour? I don't seem to find it on it's website, or the app. Such a shame, I've gotten a few good deals with that.

  • Does anyone know if you can access the Virgin lounge at the arrival destination? I'm flying on Virgin Business Class Cairns to Sydney but there is no lounge at Cairns, was hoping to duck in on arrival in Sydney?

  • I did! I managed to book return business class flights Sydney to Cairns using the Virgin App. $400 (as apposed to $1798), was very suprised and lucky! Does anyone know if they'll be serving just a regular hot meal, or the "Three Course Luke Mangan Dining experience" as mentioned on the website. I...

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