• Unless I'm mistaken, this cabin is at the front of the lower deck with all economy behind.

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    Jan 25, 2018, 05:29 PM

    @ Joe re mesclun salad.I've read many posts complaining about the salad Qantas serves but it is a classic 'cleansing' accompaniment to a meal in high-end restaurants and it usually focuses on the dressing as NP's does with his quite famous Palm Sugar Vinaigrette. No it's not a true hearty-style s...

  • Are they retiring the remaining 9 747's?

  • Unfortunately the majority of people using this service will be the same inconsiderate, loud mouthed, attention-seeking tools you come across every day big-noting themselves & trying to appear important. The polite, considerate people are in the minority. Anyone travelled on a bus or train re...

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