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  • Hi all - I am travelling to Germany then Austria, vaccinated in Australia. Has anyone had any luck getting the EU Vaccine Passport?If it's not possible, if the EU Vaccine passport required or is proof of vaccination simply enough? How thoroughly is this enforced, particularly on the ski fields?

  • Hi all, international trip coming up with Thai airways coming up, travelling through Melbourne (3pm), Bangkok (evening and day) and Milan (midday). Looking to know which lounges (especially Bangkok, Star Alliance website says there are 17!)Thanks

  • MH lounge in KLIA on arrival?

    Jan 30, 2016, 06:52 PM

    MH grants arrival access for J class tickets to their lounge in the Satellite terminal (not the better Regional one). No need to show your ADL ticket, they will have no problems letting you in.If you want to have a shower you will need to leave behind your boarding pass, either use your inbound o...

  • What lounge does Malaysia Airlines use in Adelaide?

  • Spot on all around, Putra Jaya is a really cool place to see, as well as all the food reccomendations.I would reccomend having breakfast at the Grand Hyatt one morning, great views of the twin towers and one of my favourite buffet breakfasts in south east asia.

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