• Try Virgin Australia's new biz seat

    May 25, 2015, 10:15 AM

    It seems a little weird and unfinished to display the seat without its PTV and how it fits in with a seat in front. All the same, looks great! 

  • Interesting piece. Surely, part of the PR push by Emirates to get more cabin crew? I've been reading a lot lately Emirates' high turn over of cabin crew due to the poor management and factors like the 24 hour layover (compared to other airlines' 48 hours). Most CC barely last out a year hence the...

  • The delivery issue is quite bizare. Surely they serve other special meals first like vegetarian, vegan etc, so why not serve the pre-orders first too? Or are there too many of the pre-orders? In which case it becomes a very scattered service.

  • Got to love those Heathcote shiraz! :)

  • Perhaps the tight thing is that your kids didn't fly business with you and your wife? ;)

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