looking to travel to NY sometime next year.

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looking to travel to NY sometime next year. wa just wondering when is the cheapest time to fly there.


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Try using Google Flights it will give you an overview of the cheapest days to fly there, and subscribe to airlines' email subscription list so you can see when the next discount is. I guess the cheapest time would be during the Winter since it's really cold there but I am not so sure. Hope this helps!


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I have allways found that flights in march or october are the lowest but all flights to the big apple cost quite alot.


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Etihad have very cheap deals even at christmas, you will take the long way round at a good price though


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as Bizflyer mentioned typically you can pick up some cheap flights  mid-late October / Early November however saying that it's a fairly expensive time in New York, the cheapest time of year in New York i've found is usually 2-3 weeks after New years and goes through to mid-late February just need to be prepared to battle the Cold and Snow.


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Cathay tend to have good prices via HKG. $1,700 during peak June/July holiday times return. Only problem is it's a longer route than others... service is great though!


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I typically travel to the USA 3-4 times a year and these trips always involve NY. I've found that May and early November are always the cheapest for fares. End May is the beginning of the Northern Hemisphere summer season and early November is always quite pleasant, particularly in the southern half of the USA (Florida & Texas). December - January, on the other hand (along with school holidays) are always notoriously expensive with SYD-JFK often topping AUD$3K for Y(!) around Christmas.

Start 'shopping' for airfares approximately 3 months prior to your travel - Qantas recently offered a low  AUD$1275 Red Deal to NY, which is great if travelling Y - the current available Red fare is AUD$1600 by comparison. Usually, when sales are on, QF and the US carriers will discount Premium Y, Business and First at the same time, so keeping a 'watch' on seasonal trends on a weekly basis is a very good idea. Also keep an eye out for Prem Y / Business 'special' sales when they occur, if travelling in those classes. These, when they occur, are often independent of  Economy sales.

One would think the with QF / AA now codesharing in an ATI Joint venture from the end of this year .. and the weekend / continuing fall of the Australian dollar against the US$, that the increase in total USA capacity ex Australia might bode well for some 'sharp' fares from Australia for early next year.


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.. and as an after-thought, Mondays-Thursdays generally yield cheaper fares year round than Fri-Sun on QF.

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In fact why not use the flights from your city to New York using the googlw search and that will provide you with the quickest flights to that destination. I believe that Qantas, Emirates, CX would be the fastest to fly to these destinations. Or even AA/QF! 


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I have always (except for once in August) flown in November, early-mid week, avoiding F/S/S & have always got a much better deal overall than at any other time during the year.

That said, I have booked a AA codeshare flight with QF over for my next trip there in February from MEL-LAX, followed by LAX-ORD & ORD-JFK sectors altogether for a total fare of AU$1257. I kid you not; sometimes (albeit, rarely, I admit) a codeshare booked a long way out may yield an incredible bargain. You have to be prepared to put at least a modicum of time & effort into researching though.

Don't forget to see if you can can nab a bargain to JFK via LAX from SYD (if that's possible for you where you live) when the new AA SYD/LAX sector is available sometime from 12am-am US Central (Dallas) time overnight this Sunday into Monday morning!

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