• wow... thanks for the memories... as children of airline staff we got to travel every way... I remember lufthansa had this upstairs lounge for a short time too and this seemed super glamourous.. now I think people want sleep and privacy most!

  • I love Virgin Melbourne to Perth Business service. Arrive happy in the morning in Perth and come back later same day without being exhausted!

  • Hmm, VA to singapore is one to look out for too. Cant allocated seats in advance, so really cant sit together (same booking! booked weeks in advance on a full flexi fare (ouch!). , SQ airline staff very disinterested  too..... Not a great way to fly.

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  • What's going on with VA velocity?

    Feb 14, 2013, 11:45 AM

    What's going on with VA velocity? They seem not to be updating member activity in Feb or is it just my account?

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