• I notice the same if looking at booking the flights from Japan through QFF rewards. For example you could book say KIX to HKG which would route through TYO (NRT or HND) however you couldn't just book the direct flight form either of the major Tokyo airports. Happened with all city combinations.

  • Virgin revamps domestic meals, drinks

    Jul 28, 2017, 03:29 PM

    Meals;I would offer meals in the flight booking process where you can order a selection of hot more substantial, better quality meals for a cost, maybe you get one included with economy x for free, then on the flights offer a selection of snacks. The Air Asia model for example. Economy X/Bus...

  • The more I review this, the more riseable it is! I can see some marketing department has promised more revenue with add ons etc, as it is, flight prices have been ramped up in domestic and as a Platinum I now question the value of needing status for short domestic flights. It's cheaper to fly o/s...

  • This will end in disaster, mark my words. 

  • Five common scams in China

    Nov 02, 2015, 10:20 AM

    I fell for the tea scam in Shanghai, whilst there with 2 friends. We were approached near the Art Gallery we were planning on visiting. A couple of girls told us it had closed for the day, we were there late and assumed it might have so took up their offer for the Tea Festival! It didn't set us b...

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