• A very good change and suddenly it is a useful scheme!

  • Virgin Australia is starting to look a little like 'Star Alliance Lite'. I wonder if they will finally bite the bullet?

  • Dec 02, 2016, 01:05 PM

    The Singapore Airlines pods are worse - really small wobbly shelf, and the seat is hard and upright.

  • Really good news - the previous offerings were pretty dire.

  • Virgin Australia Gold is useful, as you say in the article, to get into the Delta lounges. The problem is that not one single Delta agent I have spoken to, over many years, recognises that Velocity Gold gives access to the Delta lounges. I've wasted hours trying to get into the lounges (MSP is th...

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  • I strongly recommend the Emirates lounge for the quality of the buffet and the free flowing Verve Cliquot

  • Not a hope - they always insist on a hotel, residential or your main workplace address. 

  • Originally Posted by Strange : Originally Posted by barecub : does anyone else question that a 5 hour flight is consdered short haul? Exactly - short haul = 1-1/2 hours maybe... However, that's not really the issue. It's more down to, should the food be free, or would you like to pay for a high...

  • You can get into the new Singapore lounge so long as you know your rights, and print out the page on the Star Alliance lounge access rules which say so.The new SQ lounge is quite nice on the business side: all the pictures on Ausbt are from First, but there are some good pictures from the Singapo...

  • Re: Virgin Atlantic - SYD-LHR.

    May 28, 2013, 02:50 PM

    It's very hard to do this on points - almost all redemption seats will have gone on the LHR-HKG route as it is so full. You're better off actually buying in cash an upgrade at checkin. Plain economy to premium economy is 295GBP. There are big posters at London Heathrow advertising it. You ge...

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