• Sorry to be a pain: can you refer me to exactly where in the T&C i can direct the call centre to justify: "that such bookings are permitted by the Velocity T&Cs, and that you should only be charged for a single "Table 1, Zone 10" reward fare, not the points cost for two separate flights."...

  • On the positive, i've always found service in business class improves when there is no first class service offered on Etihad.

  • Sydney Airport's Opal card loophole

    Jun 21, 2017, 10:10 PM

    Sad to see ausbt advocating (even if indirectly theft... Really going down hill.

  • Virgin drops seat selection fees

    Aug 22, 2016, 05:41 PM

    Well I am happy at least!

  • I may have missed some up-dates but i thought i would share this anyway: I was flying out of Abu Dhabi in Business Class with Etihad (VA Platinum) and approached the Business/Premium lounge presuming first class entry was no longer even a possibility. At the Premium lounge i was asked whether i h...

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  • I've had instances where it shows no availability for an award seat/upgrade online but when I have rung Velocity they then inform me that there is availability and so process an award upgrade/points upgrade. That has happened on at least two occasions; one as Plat and one as Gold.

  • Alitalia for Velocity Gold/Platinum

    Nov 12, 2016, 02:26 AM

    Did it actually list 'Skypriority' on your boarding pass? Thus far, only my FF number is listed and i need to show my card at every step of the way for benefits.

  • VA Status Earn - LHR > GLA?

    Sep 29, 2016, 07:08 AM

    I think you mean Star Alliance.

  • If she was flying VA metal it might be possible as a one off. I remember my father checked me in a few times at the Qantas Club check in when i was flying Qantas domestically (that was about 13 years ago now). In short, it would be highly unlikely that trying to do such with Etihad would be permi...

  • My understanding is that you need to have Platinum membership to guest into the Premium lounge and that the Lounge attendants strictly enforce this. You may have more luck at the Al Reem Lounge in Terminal 1, which is normally where they send Gold and Silver members flying in Economy.However, as ...

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