Does your Velocity status affect award availability?

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I am Velocity Gold and while the general consensus is that the higher your status, the better award availability, I have yet to seen this in effect. All the awards I encountered were available to regular members too (I checked this by not logging in). Is this something that you've experienced? Also I noticed there were black out dates on the first week of January, is that something remedied by having Platinum status?


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I'm Platinum and was able to get a business upgrade PER SYD in the first week of Jan. Seems to still show now when logged out as well. Not sure which route you are after, but obviously xmas hols is a popular time.

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I'm Platinum, but in my experience, what I see logged in is the same as what I see logged in as my parents who are Gold and Silver, and what I see when not logged in. I will note that in the last Southern summer, I failed to clear an upgrade off of a full W fare, and the flight went out with more than 5 J seats empty. The space just never opened up. If Velocity is looking for a way to increase program value for its elites--and it should be--they should look here. It's a great perk for Golds and Platinums to be able to clear points-supported upgrades long haul. The long-term lack of award availability for elites has gutted the value of this perk, and indeed the program.


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From experience status provides no benefit for increased award availability online for Velocity. I have seen it stated here that the call centre has greater leeway to open up award availability for platinum's, and certainly I have been able to secure seats that I did not see online prior to calling. However, I expect that was a case of seats that would have become award available were opened up slightly early. I would not expect status to get availability on black out dates.

Velocity could make platinum a lot more attractive as a goal. If they increased availability based on status.

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This has never been something Velocity has offered, except for the annual family trip benefit. Qantas is the one that does different availability for each tier.

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I have never noticed any difference.


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I've had instances where it shows no availability for an award seat/upgrade online but when I have rung Velocity they then inform me that there is availability and so process an award upgrade/points upgrade. That has happened on at least two occasions; one as Plat and one as Gold.


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Virgin Australia website is poor so it doesn’t surprise me that they can’t manage better availability for platinum mem


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I just called up Velocity to see if there was any flexibility on limit of people (I have family of 5) or booking window (I wanted to book less than 6 months from now) for my guaranteed Platinum Reward booking. They said no in both cases :(. I find Virgin Australia to be totally inflexible (and I do not like this). They also said that there was never any more reward availability for Platinums than that shown on the website.

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