• It will be interesting reading the first few reviews to see if the distance between each other is a problem, given it's about 1.5m (bed width 1.36 plus distance from the seat to the bed)IMO the sense of space will be amazing.

  • One other thing to note, as of 1st May 2017 if you wish to attend the Sydney Consulate personally to lodge your Visa application, an appointment must be made online prior to your visit.   When I tried, there were none for at least a week.

  • "Happy holidays" from AusBT

    Dec 25, 2015, 08:46 AM

    Merry Christmas David

  • AusBT 2015 dinner: have your say

    Oct 19, 2015, 01:25 PM

    Dinner at Qantas COSE would be a great idea.

  • I like Hong Kong. CX138 overnight SYD- HKG, into the lounge, breakfast and a shower. Then onward to London.

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  • Originally Posted by jaredw Originally Posted by Dredgy I can’t stand them. When I travel it’s usually not spending a lot of time in any one place so I constantly have to repack and they tend to take longer for me to pack. This is why I love them.I pack one of my smaller cubes. Then...

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