• There’s still one at Terminal 1 Domestic in Perth as of Thursday night, but I’ve never actually seen it in use though...

  • Maybe they'll actually get used unlike in PER (that being said - I have boarded Gate 50 on both domestic and international flights, but with the low number of VA 'international' flights out of PER, I am yet to see them operated in the manner described in the article).

  • Glad to see I'm not the only one going down this path!

  • Flew in the "X Factor" seats on a 737 from Sydney to Perth last month (before they were launched as such). I'd agree with the above posters; I was first (or close to it) on the flight but by the time we took off I had to fish through a ridiculous amount of bags to find my tiny one in the locker a...

  • Would be nice to know this as well - I can imagine they are blocked as it would allow circumvention of the "blocked" activities, but like you it would be nice for work.  

  • Is it time for changes to Velocity?

    Aug 12, 2017, 01:47 PM

    Totally agree with you re: SYD lounge. Yet to find it "packed" at PER, CBR and MEL myself.Perhaps this might be an effect from the "Pilot Gold" memberships that are offered to businesses in their Accelerate program  (and flybuys customers it seems on occasion), as well as the complimentary l...

  • Syd VA Lounge - Nespresso pop-up

    May 08, 2017, 01:47 AM

    April is now over - are the "traditional" machines back? Or was the trial "successful"?

  • Noticed this too - figured it was something to do with one of my browser extensions. The page will happily let you redeem the reward multiple times (albeit that could get tedious depending on the number of flybuys points you have!)