• I recently got a Platinum match and am generally happy, the inflight food offer for economy is very average ( I never fly domestic for the food) but the seats (economy x for Platinum), in flight service, boarding and lounge are as good if not better than Qantas and a lot easier to hold ...

  • smart way of getting the QF loyalists to give Virgin a try but don't assume you will get your bags above your seat as part of the offer - the in flight staff are not even trying to control this rule and as a platinum member I am pretty sure my saet allocation will be under pressure so I can ...

  • I hope as a platinum flyer this does not reduce my benefits as I am sure many corporates will pay the extra because it is not their money relegating me to seats further back - if it does then I am going back to Qantas - Virgin beware "do not reduce the platinum benefits any further"

  • these days virgin and Qantas flights are much the same but the virgin so called snacks and refreshments are sub par so paying for domestic internet would not be a draw card for me, wireless is free just about everywhere these days so who would pay ? 

  • Good to see the improvements, hopefully Virgin will fix up the Adelaide lounge - without doubt the worst lounge I have been in in years

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