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  • Oh this was a good laugh... Walks away chucking....

  • Jetstar adding extra row of seats

    Nov 13, 2017, 12:31 PM

    Originally Posted by readosunnycoast Originally Posted by hakkinen5 29 inches of leg room is not "fine" for taller travellers. I would struggle to fit in the seats. Then why travel with Jetstar? Chose some other airline or pay for the extra room in business. Or pay for exit row/front row

  • QF MEL-HKG flight No more 747s?

    Oct 20, 2017, 10:31 AM

    [QUOTE=9057;41455] I think Qantas possibly has been beaten by Virgin Australia on MEL-HKG route, so they see it is no longer viable to deploy B747-400 on this route? [/QUOTE]Not even close to being true. The loads at which VA flights are running at the moment probably aren't even touching QF/CX ...

  • It is a good video but goes for too long. Flew with them last month and leaving Beirut, we had taxied and begun our take off roll before the last quarter of the video. As a side note MEA’s J cabin on an A320 extends to door 2!

  • Originally Posted by aniljak :hubbing in Singapore  is what economy passengers want. Unfortunately Qantas only sems to care about the premium passengers. Other than SQ and BA, who else even hubs through SIN anymore? Premium pax is where the money is made, though its not like they're str...

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