• I had to contact BA yesterday and got an answer to my question in a COUPLE OF MINUTES - because they have an online chat option. The experienced call centre people should be put onto chat because they can handle 4-5 queries in parallel instead of one idiot calling to do something they can do them...

  • Norwegian have free functional wifi in Europe, nit sure about the new singapore flight though.

  • I've used Voda $5 roaming for at least a couple of years and have never had a problem - EXCEPT that if you get lazy and transit somewhere where it doesn't apply and have not turned off your data you can run into trouble. Its a great service but watch out - I think Dubai is one case in point.

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  • Sydney transit from New Zealand

    Jan 29, 2021, 03:12 PM

    Does anyone have any recent experience in NZ bubble transit through Sydney from Auckland to domestic flights - apparently there is no transfer bus, so how long does it take? Did you have any unusual holdups?

  • Out of Syd or MEL yes QF7 over (after short MEL-Syd of course if needed), but if coming back I recommend QF94 - the tBIT connector really helps on way back, the lounges are better, and you don't need the extra hop after the long flight.

  • Access to the storage compartment in 24A and 24K but having free aisle access make these the best seats in premium by far.

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