• Why does everyone ignore the Embraer E195 E2. ? An amazing aircraft that can do the same job as both "big name" carriers.Given the sub contract company has wet leased the E190 this alone should make the bean counters think twice.

  • Still waiting on my Qantas free card after I joined mid last year. No wonder I prefer Virgin/Star Alliance airlines over Qantas/No World alliance.

  • @fish1983 you are spot on. I too have a salary sacrifice vehicle and a BP fuel plus card. Even though I pay for the vehicle and fuel I was not able to use my velocity card when it was BP/Virgin. I doubt I'll be any better off with the BP/Qantas nightmare.

  • I fly a little each year but never gain enough SC to go up to the next level. I've been emailed numerous times by Virgin and answered multiple questions and or offered my two cents. One of these points being rewarding long term red level card holders with lounge access. I accept some people won't...

  • People tend to forget the years when Qantas was getting government funding etc etc. I have flown Qantas since the late 70s and every flight I've had with them has always had poor staff. Give me competition Any time and I will personally prefer to fly with VA,SIA, Air NZ and even SAS over Qantas.

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