• Lots of Eurocentric / USA noise above; but the really intriguing one for me, in light of LATAM leaving Oneworld; will be what Qantas does with South America (Brazil!)- I.e.; keep Santiago & add Rio and / or Sao Paulo (I'd guess Sao Paulo) OR jettison Santiago altogether one favour of a Brazil...

  • Most definitely a 'social space' a las QR / EK onboard bar. Whilst that is definitely prime real estate, the ability to move around and socialise is of utmost importance.

  • This is spot on... I literally booked MH for my this this week to SIN JUST BECAUSE OF THIS article... on Outbound leg cabin was blocked. I have even had a bit of a fracas with the Airport crew as these seats remain blocked / unassigned. In essence, this article is misleading.

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  • Having just flows SYD-HNL-SYD on 7 Dec and back 9 Dec, 747 was 85% full, including 100% J seats filled. Having compared HNL PE and J fares compared to Asian destinations, QF is definitely pricing aggressively, with PE coming in at around ~$1600-2000 return and business for sub 4,000 - not bad str...

  • I just had my carry on confiscated on MEL - SYD on a short connection onto an international flight. Guess what? Of course my bag never made it...for days. Standards and processes have yet to catch for for QF. My sources do tell me that the whole 'crackdown' has to do with a recent accident whereb...

  • Is Royal Air Maroc joining OneWorld?

    Nov 30, 2018, 12:37 PM

    Originally Posted by moa999 Plenty of smoke this time.Not particular useful for Australians... Not easy to get a flight to Casablanca. Might change if they flew to Singapore or Hong Kong. My take on it:Plenty of potential if going from Southern EU to both USA / Canada or Brazil. Specifically, fa...


  • QF Route Map Wish List

    Mar 09, 2018, 04:48 PM

    SYD- GRU/GIG, Daily, alternating between GRU/ GIG

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