• Three questions:1) Is the Melbourne-Narita return leg with a Dreamliner and if so is it fitted with fully flat beds in business class?2) If there is a longish layover between Narita and next overseas destination (say 8 hours between flights and on the ground waiting at Narita), are we able to exi...

  • Qantas goes doubles daily to Japan

    Aug 10, 2015, 11:50 AM

    So has the Melbourne-Tokyo direct option now been abandoned?

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  • QF DSC Offer Open

    Feb 18, 2019, 03:33 PM

    Appreciate these and few and far between, but last couple of years when they do pop up, the timing of travel was a 12 month window rather than 6 months for this latest. Wonder whether they may then choose a further double status offer soon again and before the "traditional" August next round? Hop...

  • Large M...please :-)

  • Anyone know whether Qantas will offer any form of lounge access at YVR during the June/July '15 seasonal flights? If so, have lifetime Gold access...just wondering whether I can bring my wife and two young children to one of the lounges?

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