• People people people, you’re being distracted just like the (QANTAS) magician wants you to be.   In my opinion, this is nothing to do with occupational health and safety (or passenger convenience). It’s entirely to do with cost. Weight-related fuel cost. Only two days ago an ar...

  • I’m confused - I used my PP card at Movida last week and was surprised (based on the information above) to receive a charge on my credit card for $27 USD... hardly a free credit of $36 when you get charged for it?! What am I missing??

  • Phew - got in just in time. Converted VF points and booked SYD/CDG return in the first suites on a saver fare and thought it was an absolute bargain points wise. Use those points while you can kids, because every day they are worth less and less!

  • Great. About time! If the bogans don't like it, they can get back out into the terminal where they belong. 

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