• I can't find any J redemptions on UA via Velocity on any dates or any routes either. I assume few to none are being released.

  • You know, I really don't understand how QF is even still around in the capacity they are on long haul and why anyone bothers to travel with them outside of "Australia pride". They are coasting on their reputation for quality earned in the 80s-90s and now are what I and many others see as a second...

  • Does this really change anything though? Who wants to go travel and then be locked at home for 2 weeks after. I've said it before and I'll say it again...International travel is doomed until there is sub 48 hours of isolation Australia wide. 95% of travellers have zero desire to go overseas if lo...

  • The utter arrogance of QF is astounding. There is no way this great international reboot will be a success or probably even happen while there is any form of quarantine for arrivals, doesn't matter if its at home or a hotel. Who in their right mind wants to take a trip with a forced lockdown on r...

  • Alan is still in dream land. Until there is a 100% guarantee of no quarantine - which I highly doubt by November/December, it just ain't gonna happen. He needs to calm down and quit these ridiculous "Overseas opens this date!" announcements.

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  • Business Reward Redemptions

    Jan 05, 2023, 07:23 PM

    Anyone got any tips on how to snag a business reward points redemption through Velocity on any of the long haul partners? I am trying to go to and from the United States in March but can't seem to locate any business tickets the entire month, nor the proceeding two months.How does Velocity usuall...

  • Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse

    Sep 09, 2016, 08:23 PM

    Does anyone know if I hold a Velocity gold/platinum card and have a booking on Virgin America via SFO, am I able to access the clubhouse free of charge or am I just eligible to purchase a ticket for entry? I have heard conflicting stories on this.Cheers!

  • Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse

    Sep 09, 2016, 08:21 PM

    Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse

  • Has anyone had any success in the recent past with status matching? I managed to snag the Alitalia match some time back but haven't seen any other status match programs of late.Thanks!

  • Thanks mate, yeah I remember seeing lots of very reasonable business reward fares...now as far as I can see, thre are literally zero on there for the next 12 months. Hope they add some more on there soon!

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