• The conversion from USD the THB is a wrinkle that could hurt. There have been times when that currency pair has been very volatile. I am looking to buy tickets to Europe in September, but I don’t think I want the currency risk right now, May revisit in two months, although to be fair 10k US...

  • Gee Qantas are a trick aren’t they. Booked 2 redemptions from SFO SYD for mid October because LAX SYD was unavailable. Been moved to QF12, no discussion of how to get from San Fran to Los Angeles, but as it suits me better might be cheeky to ask for compensation…..

  • Fingers crossed for a resumption by September - I have a redemption booking for mid month SFO SYD in J.

  • ANA boosts Sydney-Tokyo flights

    Oct 22, 2021, 11:07 AM

    I am booked SYD CGD and FRA SYD in Z next April, have a 6 hour layover in Tokyo. Hopefully we will actually have something to do, tantalising to be so close to the best Sushi breakfast in the world. Fare was only 5.5k which feels more than fair for airline ranked number 3 by Skytrax (FWIW). 

  • I booked a RTW business class for myself wife and daughter back in April. Flying CX Sunday night from YVR to JFK and then two weeks later AMS HKG. Had given us 10 hours to pop into Central and have a nice break on the trip before QF HKG SYD. I would be interested in reader's thoughts about how to...

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  • Executive Traveller review Sin

    May 23, 2022, 05:02 PM

    Having just travelled to Europe One World QF/AY and returned SQ, I am at a loss to understand why Changi is lauded so much. The boutiques in Milan MXP are extraordinary in comparison. Not only that the hard and soft product on SQ only made me yearn for QF. But that’s another story.

  • Flying over Russia?

    Feb 28, 2022, 06:49 PM

    I have SIN/HEL booked for 21 April, Hard to not fly over Russia for HEL, I imagine by then even Finnair may have to travel via the Baltic.

  • Sydney to Italy via Singapore

    Feb 11, 2022, 03:53 PM

    It is mighty peculiar that the Australian QR code for vaccine status is not compatible with Europe and DFAT says “tough luck the Europeans are not following the global protocol.” I can’t imagine it will cost much to create a QR for travellers, DFAT could even charge for it and s...

  • I have had success on QF SFO SYD in Business.

  • UA has changed its award pricing model so that no longer have a business "saver" award, all flights are priced on a variable scale where the cheapest flight can be less than 25% of the most expensive. This means the other Star Alliance booking engines can no longer see a saver fare even if the ch...

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