• I have booked a Qantas rewards flight in F with Emirates for Singapore,(in 2 weeks) I'm flying with a friend and was offered two cars for each sector, one each !!!!!! this blew our mind !! we accepted one car each sector and two cars on the trip home from Melbourne Airport, very happy !!!!

  • I know that when I travel with a friend or partner. The Qantas Club is one of the reasons of purchasing Qantas Club Membership. So am to leave my partner in the coffee shop while I soak it up in the club on my own, I’m tipping that both of us will be in the coffee shop drinking overpri...

  • Recently I got a requested upgrade from Business to First from LA to Melbourne, it was worth the 45,000 points. the best part was the First Class dinning at LA airport, we very much enjoyed this as my friend was travelling in Economy, a great treat ! as for on the plane, it missed the mark a...

  • Hey Chris, .... Could you please pass on these photos onto Qantas it may give them some ideas !! Wow, .. we could only deam just to get the nice cutlery   regards  

  • I was one of those highly regarded Qantas Club Members who was pushed out on to the concourse, ask me how special I felt then !!!!!!! I did get very well compensated after a little note to Qantas !   

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