• Just listening to all the political spin saying we can go back to normal once the vaccine is here, now that its here there is another spin to it.So whats the point in the vaccine and all the time, money being spent on it??? (I just got it, its about the money and control for some)

  • You would have thought with the vaccine we were going to get back to normal.(according to the PR and political spin)Why cant the following work for returning Aussies to avoid quarantine on arrival.1. Get covid test and be negative.2. Get vaccine 3. You can fly to home to AustraliaFor tourist...

  • i agree, it’s interesting how politicians and health officials claim the virus knows no boundaries yet politicians use borders for their own benefit and not to control the virus. Heaven forbid we went to war what would happen then?

  • Unlikely to see many returning in time for xmas. After adding 14 days quarantine there’s only a window of 3 days.

  • A bit of forward thinking by both governments in setting up Aust/NZ to be a joint domestic market, would make the case for Air NZ getting a private backer much more attractive in this type of scenario. Win Win for all

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