Vodafone switches on 4G roaming in New Zealand

By David Flynn, August 20 2014
Vodafone switches on 4G roaming in New Zealand

Vodafone Australia's $5/day roaming deal now includes 4G speeds on the Vodafone New Zealand network.

It's the first of many countries where Vodafone will activate 4G roaming this year, giving travellers an extra burst of speed over standard 3G networks.

Over one million Australians travel to New Zealand every year, and Vodafone Chief Marketing Officer Kim Clarke said the move would help trans-Tasman travellers "share their holiday moments, navigate their way around the South Island using Google Maps, or track down a great restaurant at one of New Zealand’s great wineries."

Vodafone's global roaming deal is available on all post-paid plans and lets customers use their voice and data allowance for a flat $5 per day in New Zealand, the USA, the UK and most countries in Europe plus China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Singapore, Japan and Thailand.

This also includes unlimited standard calls and text messages back to Australia as well as within the country you’re currently in.

Earlier this year Vodafone said it planned to also flick the 4G roaming switch in "Germany, the Netherlands, South Africa, and the UK," while "Vodafone Group in the UK already offers 4G roaming on its own networks in Greece, Italy, Portugal, Romania and Spain."

In addition, Vodafone customers will be able to use the 4G networks of other mobile companies in Austria, Belgium, France, Japan, Singapore, South Korea and Switzerland.

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