What makes a great hotel room for the business traveller?

By Chris C., May 23 2014
What makes a great hotel room for the business traveller?

Whether it’s catching up on work or getting a good night’s sleep, a great hotel room can be a godsend on an otherwise tiring business trip.

Huge HDTVs and creature comforts like bathrobes and slippers in fantastic bathrooms are always well-received – but what’s really important to business travellers?

When travelling for work, here's my hotel room top five:

1. Reliable, high-speed internet access

Being able to check for all-important emails or linking up with the office back home is an absolute must, and should be hassle-free.

Poor wi-fi signal, slow download speeds or Internet passwords that are only valid for one device just aren’t good enough in a business hotel, and are reason enough to walk in my book.

If you’re away for extended periods of time, using Skype to chat with clients, colleagues or even loved ones back home is only possible when there’s a solid internet connection at your fingertips.

2. Power points, power points, power points

You shouldn’t have to move furniture, get down on the floor or leave your gadget in the bathroom just to plug in and recharge.

Desk-level power points are appreciated by business travellers – they’re right where you need them, and even allow you to talk on your mobile at the desk while it’s charging.

Outlets close to the bed are also great for charging phones overnight, but only if they’re not tucked away under the bedside table.

3. A comfortable working area

Speaking of desks, the entire workspace should be well-designed.

In addition to the obligatory power points, a comfortable and adjustable office chair can take some of the pain out of a long day’s work.

The desk lamp should be bright enough to see any documents you’re working on, but moveable or adjustable to avoid glare on the laptop screen.

4. A quality, clean iron and ironing board

When meeting with clients, presentation is paramount – that’s why a quality iron and ironing board should be a hotel staple.

While dry cleaning departments have their purpose, when a hotel provides the dodgiest of irons but a top-notch pressing service, you know something’s amiss.

5. Peace and quiet

If you’re staying near an airport or in a city known for its nightlife, a quiet hotel room can be hard to find.

That’s especially so in New York, where some hotels charge a premium to reserve a spot on the higher floors away from the street noise.

When rooms closer to the ground floor are the only option, it’s imperative that the air conditioning is working like new, allowing travellers to sleep with the window fully closed.

When you’re away on business, what do you look for in a hotel room? Do you want to unwind on your own after a long day spent with colleagues, or do your turn your hotel room into a mini office and power on between meetings?

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Chris C.

Chris is a a former contributor to Executive Traveller.

Singapore Airlines - KrisFlyer

06 Feb 2014

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The workspace would ideally have a comfortable chair.  Some hotels/apartments provide a desk (one that doesn't force you to stare at a wall, no less!), but then provide a from the dining table, which is not suitable for working more than a short period. 

QFF Gold QC gold

26 Nov 2012

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I'm amazed at how many hotels are noisy. Thin walls, inadequete insulation on windows & doors, noisy bar fridge and noisy air con. These are things that hotels can easily overcome but often don't. I have put it down to perhaps being one of very few people who can't handle noise and therefore not enough demand to do something about it.

I would pay a heavy premium for a hotel with quiet rooms.


23 May 2014

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For me it's:

- quality of the room itself (interior design, lighting, fixtures and fittings etc.) - should feel solid and look good

- fresh air is a huge bonus - windows that can open or (even better) a balcony - already spend all day in the air conditioning

- especially if it's a long stay - a decent sofa or seat to relax and unwind

- agree re the quality of the iron - just to add, its got to be a steam iron. Even better - a hotel that does shirts at a reasonable price (yet to find this)

- a great view is always a big plus for me

10 Mar 2011

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Spot on with these points and not just reliable internet but in this day and age it should be free! Shangri La are great for offering free wifi. 

Powerpoints that have multi country plug fittings built into them are also great and even better when they are positioned without having to re-design the room.

A quick turnaround pressing service is also nice after pulling your shirts out of your bag and finding them crushed. 

Opening windows are a lost art these days but would be nice instead of having air con on and feeling dehydrated. 

Qantas - Qantas Frequent Flyer

24 Apr 2013

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Agree with all of the above, Chris. Could I add:

- hangars! for those clean and pressed shirts & jackets; so hard to find in some hotels

- a good breakfast - preferably in the hotel itself (so that you can book the B&B option)

- good transportation access - either public or taxi - to get to those meetings that we're there for. 

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