Air New Zealand Airpoints cards get smartchip, travel money card

By David Flynn, November 22 2011

IN BRIEF | Air New Zealand will issue some 700,000 frequent flyers with a new Airpoints card which doubles as a digital boarding pass and MasterCard travel money card.

Each new card contains an ePass smartchip to recognise a passenger's booking at domestic check-in kiosks, similar to Qantas' Next-Generation Check-In cards.

Flip the card over and you've got a prepaid debit MasterCard (issued by the Bank of New Zealand) which works as contactless 'PayPass' payment card and also a travel money card for overseas trips, all bundled into what AirNZ calls the OneSmart system.

The cards will be issued only to the airline's New Zealand customers over the next few weeks.

Once loaded up with funds the card can be used as a conventional MasterCard for everyday purchases, which also earn Air New Zealand Airpoint Dollars to trade in on flights and upgrade.

If you're heading overseas the card can also carry fund for up to four foreign currencies (chosen from a master list of eight), without any loading commission or extra charge for withdrawls at international ATMs.

"OneSmart is more functionally capable than any other New Zealand banking or loyalty card" says Simon Pomery, Air New Zealand's Head of Loyalty. "It's so loaded with features we believe it's destined to become every Kiwi's everyday essential card, at home and overseas."

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19 Nov 2011

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This is great. Do we foresee this in the near future for Qantas Frequent Flyer card or Velocity Frequent Flyer cards?

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