Qantas 747 engine turbine disintegrates on takeoff

By danwarne, January 15 2011
Qantas 747 engine turbine disintegrates on takeoff

UPDATE: A Qantas spokesperson has confirmed that the cause of the engine flames was an "engine turbine failure" in the Rolls Royce engine attached to the plane.

Qantas has had yet another engine mishap, this time on flight QF11 -- a Qantas 747 taking off for Los Angeles from Sydney Airport.

Engine number one on the 747 made a loud bang and flames were briefly visible, causing the pilot to abort takeoff and stay on the runway.

"By the looks of it, the engine flamed out," American man Michael Lucas-Smith, a passenger on the plane, told Australian Business Traveller. "We were on the runway, picking up speed and we heard a 'pop' sound."

Another passenger on the plane, marketing consultant David Cook, said, "A significant 'bang' just as power applied for take-off; jet rolled to halt on main runway; captain spoke of a 'fairly major' event." 

Other passengers reported a burning smell in the cabin.

Cook said, "no smoke, no fire, the fire trucks had the foam ready, but we taxied back to the terminal after a few minutes on the main runway."

Sydney Airport closed the runway and fire fighters were called to inspect the engine.

Channel 10 reporter Angela Bishop, who was on the plane said it felt like the plane had hit something. She said there was no visible damage to the engine.

The plane returned to the terminal, and passengers were reboarded onto a replacement 747 after a four and a half hour delay.

Qantas spokespeople did not return calls for comment.

16 Jan 2011

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Surely QANTAS cannot blame this incident on Rolls Royce yet again. This is clearly a QANTAS maintenance problem. This is  not an A380 with the same alleged faulty engine.

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