International to Domestic Connection Time at Narita

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I will arrive NRT on JL (STD 1355), and am thinking of booking a NH domestic flight departing at 1735. Is this too risky a connection, with having to clear CIQ, change terminals and complete check in with bags by 1635? I think it is, but the Minister for War and Finance thinks its doable.

The other downside is not being able to link the bookings due to different carriers. There is a JL option plus the trains, but this is the cheapest option currenty available,

I see there is a VIP fasttrack service, any ideas on cost of these.



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As long as your flight is on time, you should easily be able to catch the ANA flight.

JL uses terminal T2, whereas NH uses T1, you can connect via the shuttle bus. Just remember domestic departures desk at T1 is at a separate part of the airport to all the other check-in areas.

I've usually found Japanese immigration relatively fast and havent usually had to wait more than 20 minutes (Pre-covid) . Just remember to have all your paper work done and you should be able to be processed quickly.

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