Just flew on VA business.

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Just flew on VA business. Crew explained about new seating and let on about the new service on an A330 to singapore. Pretty sure its out of sydney.


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That seems hard to believe due to the fact their parent company SQ operates flights on that route already.

I do remember when the A330's arrived from france they flew through Singapore and maybe the aircraft are being refitted in Singapore.

It may be SQ dropping a flight or two and allowing VA to start services to look as if there is competition with QF (again this is still hard to believe).


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I've been hearing this from crew also.. However I feel Hong Kong would also be a good route.

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I wouldnt believe a thing virgin crew tell me from previous experience


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I remember a friend of mine who works as cabin crew at VA once told me that they were starting SIN. He was told this was imminent when he first started the job.

This was 5 years ago, VA still aren't flying there..


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Hahaha. Crew are usually about the last to be told about when things are happening!

I think the strongest rumours are either SYD-HKG to replace VS or BNE-SIN to replace EY (who are going direct BNE-AUH).


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GalleyFM isn't exaxtly reliable on any airline.

When its announced to the ASX or loaded to a GDS believe it.


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I would think it will be Hong Kong to time with the arrival of VS from LHR providing a Virgin experience all way from LHR to SYD just my thought 

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