I don’t know if it is just me, but as a continuous 11-year QF platinum frequent flyer, should I expect recognition when flying QF?

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I don’t know if it is just me, but as a continuous 11-year QF platinum frequent flyer, should I expect recognition when flying QF? Just returned from Hong Kong economy, paying myself and no airmile upgrades, but nothing from the cabin crew, no; newspaper, business class headphones, glass of champagne, wash-bag, priority exit card, no personal acknowledgment from anyone. Is it just me wanting too much?


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No, you are not expecting too much (it's happening to me all the time too - 8 yrs continuous Platinum). Compared to other airlines like CX, EK or AY (where complimentary and non-operational upgrades are reasonbly common), QF's recognition of its premium flyers is, in my experience, rather dismal.  Even lounge access in Dubai with one extra guest (total of two guests) flying QF metal was recently denied, while EK allowed this when on EK metal.  I had 1 (one) operational QF upgrade in the last 22 years of being a QF frequent flyer, while EK upgraded me on my second flight with them.  Overall I am tempted to change FF schemes (in particular as I am now QF lifetime gold).


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At least a priority exit card, prioity luggage and an "on-board greeting" would be appropriate. I got these whilst travelling economy on an Emirates flight last week. And to be honest I did not expect anything more than that. Visits to First Lounge in Sydney and Emirates First Lounge in Dubai (with the whole family) were a blessing again. Maybe providing the perks you mentioned whilst travelling economy would be a bit awkward for the other passengers?


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I have been platinum for 12 years and agree with the above comments. But my biggest disappointment with QF was late last year when I flew DFW/MEL via Syd, RTW $18k ticket. Flew BA to LHR, had business in SIN and LON and then on to DFW no problems with BA,crew on the LHR/DFW were great even had a private little wine tasting great service! I was really looking forward to the ride home on QF. Lounge DFW - contract I know but was dreadful, completely full and F&B abysmal. Flight was chokers op u/g to F with a loud lady saying how wonderful it was, crew average called me SIR so many times I thought I was in the military,  meal was supper avarage but was really surprised with the F Class wine list, only 2 whites; one a Semillon -ok Tyrells vat 49, and a cheap Sav Blanc, no Chardy, and only 2 reds, really poor for long haul F class. Breakfast was not much difference to J. I think the bean counters are taking over and the drop off in service is really noticeable. I guess QF do not ahve to really try on the Trans Pacific as there is no real competition.


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The cheapest win an airline can ever have is ankowledging their long standing platinum clients. You have 12 in first class, perhaps 2 or 3 have 10 year plus plat, give the cabin supervisor the heads up and bring them a special glass of wine for their loyalty!

The rest, I'm sure there's a multitude of reasons for the mediocrity but if you're leaving a bad taste in the mouth of your highest standing frequent fliers, (pun fully intended) you're simply doing it wrong.

Final note, I'm a lowly gold hedged in multiple airlines, I expect platinum and long standing platinum FFs to visibly recieve special treatment!


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I'm also Platinum for 10+ years and LTG when my years of flying drop off.  But I find it doesn't count for too much when flying on my own dollar in economy, once aboard the plane.  I get J-class stickers on my bags at check-in (which seems to make NO difference to the speed they come off the carousel) but no special treatment or acknowledgement on the aircraft.  So this appears a fairly standard approach by QF.  Interestingly, I've had more "free" upgrades on BA (with no status other than OW Emerald), than with Qantas with 10+ years Platinum.


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Does anyone know what the QF pax manifest would show ?  Does a 10 year P with LG look the same as a new P who may have only ever done a couple of J flights on QF ? 


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As a OW Emerald, On all domestic services i've travelled on QF in past 6+ months, I have noticed there have been selected passengers 'specially greeted' by the cabin crew serving the carts. Presuming they are QFF Platinum / equivalent or higher. Haven't noticed newspapers distributed onboard as they're beside the boarding scanners.

As to international, for USA flights in J, always warmly welcomed and greeted personally every time, and in Y was personally greeted by the captain! On trans-tasman Y class platinums (as well as any in J) certainly get arrivals express cards (if you're awake when the cabin supervisor comes through to hand them out according to his list!)

As to the manifest, it shows QFF / OW status, and a separated list for CL.


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How long you've been Platinum should make no difference at all. But yes, as a Platinum you should get something more than anybody else in economy. You should get a personal greeting and an airport express path card, the rest of it is however up to the crew, including chamapgne and a business class amenity kit. I think those last two are asking for a bit much. If you were Platinum One or Chairman's Lounge, maybe different.



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Perhaps you should take your business elsewhere? What incentive is there otherwise for QF to improve their service?

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