• Next to being CEO or business leader, your business should also be a big Qantas spender. They also seem to take that into the equation.

  • Some people react like they pay subscription to ABT and are dissatisfied with the quality they pay for. But hang on, ABT is free! And reading it is voluntary. If you don’t agree with somebodies opinion that’s OK but to suggest that the reviewer is compromised is quite frankly an ins...

  • Etihad drops business class PJs

    Sep 11, 2017, 10:49 PM

    They were a bit ugly anyway

  • If I need to be in London, I would do Qantas through Perth. But normally I need to be in Amsterdam and that will be more convenient via Dubai, Singapore or Hong Kong.

  • Well done Chris! Cute photos too :-) Great way to write a useful article from a personal perspective. Brings everything to life. Partners of high flyers got to get something in return!

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  • We recently changed corporate travel agent from Amex to Egencia. I now also found out that as a result, HHonors points are not rewarded anymore when booked through Egencia. With Amex it was. Might need to find a fix for that although that would probably mean breaking our travel policy ;-)

  • Yep, I had the same. I had searched (not booked) for a flight to Moree and that was also in the subject line of the email offer I received.

  • I suspect Qantas is using certain algorithms for selective offers. I'm certainly not making statements which loyal Qantas FF's deserve these offers more. Looking at the above I can only dream of reaching Platinum One, although I have been a loyal Platinum FF for a few years now. With 1,090 status...

  • I was wondering the same but I can't find the offer anywhere on the Qantas website. It may be targeted

  • Usually I miss out but sometimes offers are very well timed. That moment that you are just planning your next trips for the months to come and you receive an email from Qantas with 50% bonus status credits... And knowing that one of the trips that drops in the bucket is a OneWorld business class ...

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