Flying Finnair Business Helsinki - Tokyo in Oct.

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Flying Finnair Business Helsinki - Tokyo in Oct. Aircraft showing as A340. I believe this would be one of the upgraded planes with fully flat, but has any flown/know for sure?


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Hi Greg84,

This AusBT article from last year says HEL-NRT fligths have the new product on the A340's.

Also i've done a dummy check on expertflyer and all flights i've checked (different days/months) have the 2-2-1 configuration onboard AY73/AY74. 

Enjoy the new product!


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Brilliant ! Thanks for the response.



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Seatguru believes that on 1-st October A340 flying Helsinki Tokyo has old sloped configuration. Moreover all Finnair A340 according to seatguru has old configuration. My believing that Finnair not intend to put new seats in A340 fleet, but intent to replace it with A350. I know that they was saying other stuff - lets see. Finnair site BTW shows some A340 with new configuration - go figure.

Worth part that they can change plane at any time - this is exactly what happens to me a year ago - I carefully book BKK-HEL-BKK to be on planes with new layout, but they changed both planes few weeks before departure.

If you flying not from Helsinki, but via Helsinki my advice plan longer layover (if you can of course) say 4 hours and go to sauna in business lounge - this part brilliant for sure and will not changed.

Happy flying.


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My understanding is that AY have only three A340's with the old wedgie seats, which are mostly being used on the Singapore route until replaced by A350's. So you should be ok, given that one of these isn't swapped for Tokyo at the last minute.

This from the AY website:


Full-flat seats will be available in Business Class on the following intercontinental routes from Helsinki to:

  • Tokyo and New York from 1 April 2014,
  • Beijing and Seoul from 1 May 2014,
  • Hanoi, Nagoya, Osaka and Shanghai from 1 June 2014,
  • Hong Kong during the winter season.

Once the installation program is completed by autumn 2014, all of Finnair’s long-haul Airbus fleet will have flat-bed seats in Business Class, with the exception of three older Airbus A340-300s.

These three aircraft will be the first to be removed from the fleet when Finnair begins taking delivery of new Airbus A350 XWB widebodies in 2015.


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Great, thanks for the reply's.

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