What is the SQ lounge at Sydney like?

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What is the SQ lounge at Sydney like? I will be traveling on SQ in J on SQ212. Any feedback on the flight is welcome.


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It's like this, Andrew: http://www.ausbt.com.au/photos-singapore-airlines-new-silverkris-lounge-at-sydney-airport – comfy enough, good working space, but in my visits it seems a little light on the variety of meals.


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I like this lounge a lot and have always found teh food selections to be pretty good. Get there early and try to snag a seat by the window. Great view of the tarmac (if you are into a bit of plane spotting!)

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Very good, better than the temporary (Air) NZ lounge.

The view, at the least, in the J KF lounge, is on the upper level, you get to see the runway, and you get better range of food, both Asian and Western.

I have done it, not the SQ F lounge though, but the J one.

On my first NZ fligth a few weeks ago, I went in, and mentioned the NZ Koru was closed for renovation, and was accepted for entry.

Few weeks ago, I decided to try the temporary Koru, ugh.  If the permanent Koru was on that ground floor as well, the the SQ KF would be the one to go for.  I don't know what the permanent Koru lounge is like, probably will test that next year.


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Its quite nice. Much better than the NZ lounge.

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