Best airlines to fly trans-pacific?

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Best airlines to fly trans-pacific?

I'm going to lax late next year from perth and I want to know what would be my best choice airline to fly with and the best transit stop (it's either SYD, MEL, BNE or AKL) I have a Qantas Frequent flyer and a velocity card so I'd prefer to go on an airline that will give me points on either card.


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Assuming you're in economy I'd go for Virgin. The new 777 economy will be in use then and will be the best hard product from the east coast to LA. All of these airports are fairly similar to transfer through but Sydney has more connection options. Enjoy your trip !


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I can't comment on the "best" cause I haven't tried them all.  But QF from Sydney on the A380 aircraft is the way I go - for reason that it's an A380 which justs seems to me to be a nicer plane to be on, regardless of seating class.  Main problem is the very early Perth start to make SYD connection.  Need to be at airport around 430am to make the 530am take off. QF also use a rubbish plane for the early morning domestic flight from Perth to SYD. Overwise your choice is the red eye the night before and very long stop over in Sydney.  First Lounge is nice if you're able to access it (but not worth doing the red eye for IMHO).  Also, connection time for incoming Perth flight is short so you're certainly not hanging around in Sydney airport which is a good thing.  


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QF A380 is the pick, followed by VA B777 and then DL B777. I exclusivly fly DL due to the smoother connections in LAX. However I have flown QF a couple of times when DL & VA were sold out of J seats. Avoid UA at all costs.


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The best transit stop by far is AKL as you don't need to change terminals or go through customs/security. You'll do that in PER, flying straight into AKL, then go to your next gate for your connecting flight. Air NZ flights only connect seamlessly on some days of the week from PER, but then you've got the choice ex AKL of LAX, SFO or IAH.

Air NZ has 777's operating on those long haul routes.



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I love Melbourne because it my home city. But from Perth I would say Sydney is more sensible transit point. Qantas would be my choice if money irrelevant (i.e. employer pays).


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As you're flying from Perth, personally i would recommend the Virgin/Delta alliance. There are two different timed flights to choose from (DL16 or VA1) as well as the ability to log up Velocity points. Not to mention Delta is bar far the best for US domestic IMHO.


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I'd fly Air NZ via AKL...

PER to AKL on the dreamliner, then over to LAX (or they also fly to IAH, SFO, YVR) on one of their 777's.

If not I'd fly VA


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Go QF via BNE... I have always found that the QF product, and the QF B747 cabin crew to be the best mix for a great inflight experience across the pacific. 


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I'll most like be travelling business to my stop-over and the new Qantas a330 business suite sounds lovely and a 747 across the pacific is perfect, wouldn't mind transiting through BNE sounds alright, haven't been to Brisbane for a while too..sounds like I'll go QF via BNE, thank you :)

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