Did MEL used to have an observation deck?

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Did MEL used to have an observation deck?

From the far end of the QF business lounge you can see an outside deck with signs for Male and Female toilets. If it wasn't an observation deck what was it?


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In the 1970's  The airport had an observation deck where people stood outside on the deck and waved goodby to their friends,this was pre security days also .the airport was known as  Tullamarine airport  then.

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Up to about 1993 it was open to all an sundry.

Then it got closed, the notice said for "renovations" or something similar.

Then the notice went up that due to aviation security or somewhat/something, it was closed permanently.

Nowadays, the only way at an Aust airport is to drive up to the fence to see planes taking off or landing.

No public access to any viewing decks anymore.

Any airport, that used to have it, now its either closed off or has become a smoking/smokers zone with no view of the runways!


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PER has both inside and outside observation decks. The outside one was only built 2 - 3 years ago and offers a pretty good view of the runways.

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At the QP side, maybe there was one, that was before my time, ...

But the one I have used, and loved, the access was to climb a set of stairs, and then you go out a glass door, open air and all you could hear the jets, and it was prior to security xray screening, it did use to be where the shops.

I remember it fondly, did go up those set of stairs many times.


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Yes, there was one. The stairway up to it was near where the money changer is today. Way back then, it was the de facto smoko break zone for airline staff too. How times have changed. And i'm giving away my age! 



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A while ago there was one. Not fantastic, but as least something. Now is nothing at all and we only having lame “security” explanation. Really stupid.


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Melbourne or Tullamarine Airport had 5 Observation decks, one on the second floor of Ansett and one on the second floor of TAA, and three at International, 1st floor either side of the International finger, and an elevated one which you took stairs from either of the International decks to a higher positioned deck known as the International upper deck. Admission was via 5 cents dropping into the turnstyle. Oh, they were the days, you could feel the jet blast as the Dc8's and 707's backed out, you could see engines flaming, and the noise was deafening, the take off with those water cooled injected jet engines caused magnificent plumes of black smoke, in those glory days of aviation, the more noise and more smoke a plane put out, the better it had to be.  BTW, on those observation decks clothing was nothing less than the Sunday suit.

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