Should AusBT comments be moderated?

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I think in another website I go to, maybe youtube, if there are too many "Dislikes" or "-1"s, then the comment disappears.


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I've been a lurker on this site for a little while now and have found AusBT to be a friendly place, lots of incredibly useful info (see my next post as a thankyou to this site).

Short answer to question: No

Long answer: No, and I hope the maturity of people will keep it self-moderating. Sometimes, when it is apparent that an impasse is reached, best to agree to disagree..and move on. Nothing to be gained by going on with it.


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OK so it seems the consensus so far is that there should not be 3rd party censorship. Maturity and the principle of live and let live should prevail. Perhaps the parties who feel so agrieved at this laissez faire approach should consider avoiding this forum.

As they say, if you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen!


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Oh I take offence at this thread, because it's directed at me. I shall email David......

Oh no wait, I'm a big boy and can stand up for myself, and further I stand by my comments. If being called 'lazy' is so harsh for some, I only hope they have a thicker skin in the 'real world'.

End of.

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wilsoni Banned

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Interesting use of irony: Oscar Wilde would approve.

Interesting assumption: it's OK in this forum to reinforce one's views by deriding other people because that's how it is in the "real" world, do I have that right?  

Makes me wonder which reality we're talking about.

Makes me wonder about the strength of a view that needs denigration of others to support it.


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I opted to sit this one out for a few days and see how readers felt on the issue of what Wilsoni described as 'active moderation'. For many reasons I'm loathe to start moderating and approving every post, and much prefer a modicum of 'self-moderation' from individuals (think before ye poste) bolstered by 'group moderation'. That's pretty much what readers spoke for here, and that's the way we'll continue.

We're looking at an AusBT 2.0 revamp for early 2013 and hope to improve discussion capabilities incuding a "hide comment below X downvotes" function (as Spinoza mentioned) along with a one-click "report this post" button, along with a slew of other broader improvements.

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It's quite sad that we would have to mention the possibility of using moderation for a great harmless page such as this. People feel so secure behind a screen, thinking they can type whatever they want with no consquences. 

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