Can Anyone suggest any airline that provides reasonably priced Business Class fares SYD to LON return.

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Can Anyone suggest any airline that provides reasonably priced Business Class fares SYD to LON return. Not Qantas, how they put bums on seats at their prices I have no idea and at the other end of the scale not China airlines either. Tough ask I know


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I may well get slated for suggesting this, but I've used in the past, to do a bit of research and get benchmark prices for potential business class flights.

They normally have a good range from the 'normal' fares (direct with Emirates, SIA, etc...) to the imaginitive 'combo' fares (such as mixing Oman and Malaysia Airways!)

Just looking on there now and there's prices from $4k (with Royal Brunei) to $7k or $8k....



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I've found Etihad very reasonably priced in comparison to Qantas in the past and I like their business class staggered seating too. The also have their limo service in place now that you can use whch is something Qantas won't be bringing in until the Emirates partnership starts next year.


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I find that booking your own combination fare through a poorer Asian city (like Manila or Jakarta) yields the best results. For instance, In April I found a SYD-MNL-HKG-LHR return all in business class on a combo of Philippine Airlines, Cathay Pacific and Virgin Atlantic for $5,800AUD. Thats hard to beat considering that premium economy on Qantas is dearer at $6,500 for the same dates.....


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I've also seen excellent value ex-MNL & ex-BKK. With Etihad in particular, I saw a J class fare for MNL-AUH-DUS-AUH-SYD (with the Sydney leg on VA metal) for as low as ~$2400. I know this is not to London, but its excellent value for a great product.

Finnair also offers excellent return J fares ex-BKK, but you'll need to find flights to/from Bangkok.

Vietnam Airlines has also offered (in the past 6-months) Melbourne to Paris return J fares for as low $4800.


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Fly to MEL on a cheap eco fare and try Qatar Airways ex MEL. Often great fares and their service is supposed to be fantastic (for what it is worth they are a Skytrax 5 star rated airline).


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I have used an overseas travel agency called alpha flight guru (you can google them) as they have access to unpublished airfares at wholesale rates, and their customer service is excellent. I did have the opportunity to book an even lower fare if I didnt want the frequent flyer miles and status credits (important to me, but not important to others) - normally I would try and book directly with the airline if they are having a sale, however at peak travel periods these guys will probably save you money. hope this helps.


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I recommend flying scoot to Singapore, for a great fare, then Air France to Paris, which is relitively cheap too. If not Paris, then just another airline. It's that SYD-SIN leg that really saves you money.


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totally agree, Scoot has some cheap fares, especially when flying out of peak seasons. the highest ive seen for a scoot flight in business class (really PE), is $650AUD, but if you pick the right day, they can be as low as $400AUD. Good Luck!


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Try Swiss Their global fares in P Z C D (Zand P extremely well priced!!!) allow travel with many caries into/outof australia via USA.South Africa/Asia/South America whic ever way you'd like to travel Try LX/LH direct through their Aussie call centres as fares tend to be a lot lower than online sights and a lot lower than direct travel agents eg Flight Centre

Also LH/LX do not charge any credit card surcharges even for Amex, and depending upon the fare you book no change fees   LH also provide attractive fare prices similar to LX The difference is LX allow flights from all Aussie airports and include QF flights to pick up international carriers, and the QF flights have the international baggage allowance (note this deopends upon your travel  -i always go to Eu to/from USA with stopovers in USA and as Star Gold get 3 bags 32 kg even on the QF feeder flights to SYD/MEL for travel with AC/UA


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Royal Brunei have very good return business class flights MEL-LHR for $4000, via Brunei and Dubai. They use very nice leased Singapore Airlines 777s, with older seats. In Economy they are more comfortable than the new Singapore Airlines seats and in Business they are older style Shell seat, which recline but not completely flat. Service is good, but no alcohol (apart from BYO).


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When I book for holidays, I have a look at the Webjet website. They are very reliable and when I find out the cheapest carrier, you can go to that carrier's website and book. I have never a price change when looking between Webjet and another carrier. Last time I went to London, I took Virgin Australia/Etihad.


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Yes... I totally agree and that's my prefferred method. However, if you were wanting just the cheapest flight with no preference on a certain number of carriers, Flight Centre is great because they combine fares from different airlines.

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