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5 SC's short of Silver


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Looks like I end up 5 SC's short of Silver on Qantas. My question is will Qantas bump me up if I ring them up and explain my situation or will I have to make a status run?


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Can only ring them and ask. There is not a blanket rule... you may even get 'comped' by doing nothing.

I was recently a few sc short of keeping my status level, so I rang up and was 'comped'... I was not really expecting it as I haven't really averaged much flying over a period (3 year rule), but just wanted to give myself a few weeks to take a flight if I needed to.


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Hi Matt,

It's always worth the try. I had the same problem and it it turned out that i had accrued status credits oweing to me which had inadvertantly been missed off my statement. So give it a go, although you might be on the phone holding for a few hours!


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So you are currently a NB? Trying to retain PS under the unofficial 3 year average rule is much more realistic than trying to be asked to be bumped up when you haven't earnt the required credits.

I would suggest if PS is that important to you do the extra flight you need to get it.


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This will sound harsh but you're silver, and they won't really care. If it's that import fly a cheap return sector.


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Why chance it? If Silver is important to you just book a cheap flight to get peace of mind.


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Silver doesn't get you a great deal.  Don't bother.


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Silver mightn't deliver much value but getting to Gold - from Silver is a lot easier than from Bronze...

Personally, I'd give them a call and ask the question...though if you received the double status credits promo earlier this year you may be out of luck...

Realistically, it may be worth doing a cheap status run and save the charity request for next year if you look like you might make Gold! 

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