What are the best premium economy seats from Sydney to Europe

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What are the best premium economy seats from Sydney to Europe


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Depends where you'd like to travel through, and to.

Qantas has great premium economy but for 'Europe', read 'London & Frankfurt'. Qantas' A380s and 747s head to only those cities in Europe, via Singapore.

Cathay Pacific also has very good premium economy IMHO, and a wider range of destinations throughout Europe – but you'll need to head via Hong Kog for this.

Virgin Atlantic and British Airways also have premium economy to London, via HK and Singapore/Bangkok/Hong Kong respectively – but all else being equal, I'd say Qantas and Cathay beat both.


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Seat Comfort: 1) QF, 2)CX, 3)BA

Entertainment: 1) QF, 2)CX, 3)BA

Food: 1)CX, 2)QF, 3)BA

Price: 1)CX, 2)BA, 3)QF

Agregated Score: 1) CX, 2)QF, 3)BA


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While I'd agree with this, BA is flying their new 777s to Sydney next year, which will make them very competitive on the Seat/Entertainment front. QF and CX are still better overall, but BA is cheap and worthy of consideration if you don't mind a slightly less polished service experience.


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I'd give CX the edge over QF for entertainment because you can play iPhone videos on the IFE screen, but I also get that QF has in-arm screens which some people prefer to the CX seatback screens. CX pricing, yes, pretty good! All in al I'd agree with these overall ratings, BA is definitely third maybe even fourth after Virgin Atlantic.

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Note: only possible with iDevices with the old, larger connector. The new Lightning ports don't yet have an adapter, though CX's man in charge of the tech tells me they're working on it.

(And people laughed when I said I carry around an old 160GB iPod Classic still!)


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Bear in mind that it depends on where you're flying if you opt for CX to Europe. They haven't rolled out Y+ product to the entire fleet yet (for Europe bound flights you're lookin at 777-300ERs and some 747s), let alone to all ports (mainly LHR, can't remember if they've rolled it out to CDG and AMS yet). Obviously you'll get Y+ product out of SYD to HKG now.

I agree with the point on BA being cheap. At the moment their load factors in premium cabins (that is, Y+, J and F) are pretty low for the upcoming season so they've been doing some pretty amazing sales for ex-LON flights. The one that ended yesterday was actually quite decent - we were talking Seoul for £777 and Dubai £999 in J - not a bad deal! 


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You'de wonder why...BA's premium product is woeful. Even though its a fully flat seat BUT no pyjama or turn down service in J! Nothing to shout about food, clunky stuffy service, mediocre entertainment content and poor entertainment technology. Why wouldn't they be selling premium seats at those prices all year round!


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Definitely Virgin over BA for premium economy.  Depending on where the cabin is on BA you can be virtually neglected for the whole flight outside of meal times and even then you get the same meal as economy. 

Virgin is totally separate cabin, own crew for that area so plenty of attention.  Better food and drink options and the seat is comfier too!  Only thing that lets Virgin down is the headphones - cheap crappy ones rather than the noise reducing ones BA uses.

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