Flight suggestions, Sydney to Ukraine

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Good Evening All,

I am looking at flying to Kiev late April and returning late May as part of the Eurovision Song Contest.
Which airline/what route would you recommend in J class? (I am based in Adelaide, however I don't mind travelling through Sydney due to family being there)
I am Velocity Gold currently, however not too fussed if it is with another alliance. 

Thanks in advance!


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There seems to only be one way to fly there with only 1 stop which is very expensive on google flights at over 10K on my random dates and it is Adelaide- dubai with EK and then Ukraine air to kiev. 

However I'd avoid Ukraine air as they look very bad with Domestic business style seats on a 767. theres a trip report at OMAAT on them as well. 

maybe look at a combination of etihad and air serbia, from sydney, would help with velocity as well 

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My suggestion would be opting for a mainstream EU carrier. It will mean two stops but more reliable service and safety. KLM would be a very good option and have good partnerships with a number of airlines to get you to AMS, and their dreamliner product is excellent. British Airways would be another good option, potentially hopping on QF through to LHR or going with BA to SIN then on to London or Cathay to HKG then BA to LHR. Then it's just a short domestic hop to Kiev. Air France and Lufthansa are other options but their long haul J isn't fantastic.


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I suggest Malaysia airlines...they have a good track record in Ukraine
ugh. grow up.


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Thanks for all your comments...

Definitely wanting a safe journey 

Will look into the suggested options!

Much appreciated :)


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How about Turkish Airlines? You can fly either Thai or Singapore to their respective hubs and then onto Istanbul with a 777, followed by a widebody 333 trip to Kiev.


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BA have connections via many ports worldwide, including London and with many of its Oneworld partners. May suit you if you also want a stopover either there or back. enjoy


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AF have pretty good fares, $6.3K from SYD, but involves China Eastern to PVG and Ukraine from CDG to Kiev.


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Also possibly worth considering on price is Finnair via Asia (SIN or BKK) to Helsinki and a connection from HEL to either of the two Kiev airports.

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CX could take you from SYD-HKG, then TK from HKG-Istanbul and jump onto another flight from Istanbul to Kiev. This will take 1 day and 2 hours. 

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