Virgin Australia is still not making money

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Simple - Virgin is going the way Ansett did and failed! Virgin just need to lift their cabin service game and show some professionalism, dump the failing international division and focus on the basics - 1 aircraft type, mature minded cabin crew, professional service levels and plan for the future - and for goodness sake reduce the top heavy management pyramid they have. My last virgin experience BNE-MEL-BNE was embarrassing. Young school like minded flight attendants more worried about their image than passenger comfort and more focus on galley gossip than cabin attention. Catering and Menu offering also so immature they could have passed on the offering all together. If Virgin don't improve they will go under and Qantas/Jetstar will take to the lead once again and up will go the fares!!!


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its idiotic that virgin don't join star alliance, it will consolidate their network, provide a flow of new travellers and allow them to compete with qantas on an equal footing. all serious international travellers want an alliance, the mix match of etihad and delta and singapore just don't cut it. get your act together Borghetti
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At the time NZ were starting its break up with VA. 18 months later, the break up is complete. It also costs money to join one of the Alliances, which VA doesn't have

VA are now 'persona non grata' to the Star Alliance thanks to NZ and UA. Any attempts by SQ or any other shareholders to sponsor VA into *A will be blocked by NZ and UA using their veto rights.

I can't see JB's successor or any future owner(s) pandering to NZ/Luxon's alleged demands to "shut all international flying" and "dump Delta". While Luxon's financial concerns was more than valid, his dummy spit over the other shareholders (EY, SQ, etc) dismissing Luxon's suggestion of "close all international operations and dump Delta" as selfish started the end of the NZ partnership.

SkyTeam is now VA's only alliance option available to them courtesy of their long-time North American BFF - DL.

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