Why does Qantas fly to both Haneda & Narita?

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I go to Osaka 4-5 times a year for work, and for that reason I prefer HND over NRT because it allows me to connect to Itami (the haneda equivalent of osaka) rather than kix. If the connection time isn't right, I can always hop onto a Shinkansen. NRT just can't provide such convenience. 
For such reason, Haneda is always assigned to high yield route and Narita for leisure (if the airline is able to choose).

The first time I went to Osaka, I had the NRT-HND bus transfer.
ITM isn't quite like Kansai, it has no international flights period after KIX opened and the local governments want the airport to close. There are a lot more restrictions on operations at ITM then even NRT with all the issues NRT has with the locals (just look at the farm house in the middle of NRT runway B).

They were going to build a Shinkansen line out to NRT when the airport was built, but they had even more problems getting the needed land for the right of way then they had getting land for the airport.
The land they did get for the NRT Shinkansen is now used for the Keisei Sky Access Line (the 38 minute run between NRT and Nippori/Ueno)


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There are flights NRT-ITM or, if you prefer to take the train, taking the NEX to Shinagawa and then changing to the shinkansen to Osaka is easy. Certainly no more difficult than taking the Keikyu line to Shinagawa and then changing to the shinkansen.

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