Q Tags are useless on domestic to international transfers

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Mum is P1 - She's had (literally) 50% luck with Q Tags (DOMESTIC!).

There seems to be an issue with BNE domestic.
Naturally - QF go head over heels to make it right - but still...

She flies to sydney to get her hair done (*rolls eyes*) - so its no big deal in the end.
Still an inconvenience.

She now has them tag it.
They still come out last in sydney?


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Fine from my end, and that of my travelling companions. I've flown DOZENS of times from MEL via SYD onto an international connection with my Q bag tags attached to multiple items of luggage. Never had an issue whatsoever.



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I travel extensively overseas and have always just left them on my bags as name tag (on the back I've written my details with a permanent marker). They are strong tags, and despite lots of flights are still in very good condition.


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Aah, more predictable Qantas idiocy and unnecessarily frustrating stupidity. Why would anyone bother......?


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My understanding is each tag has a unique ID that is only linked to a pax/booking when you check in on each flight.

If the tag is not checked in (eg. For an international ticket) then it should come up as null, and the system would normally keep looking for a bag tag barcode. No different if it first detects an old bag tag for example

Whether this all happens automatically or requires manual intervention more often than not is unknown


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I've been using them weekly since they were released and never had an issue. International has always originated in Melbourne or Sydney, but I've done dozens of NZ, US, UAE & UK runs with them.


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I've seen a handful of Q Tags attached to bags arriving on baggage belts all over the world (even coming off flights that QF didn't operate).

I've never used mine. Haven't even taken them out of the case they came in.

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