Jetstar - How many in the cockpit?

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Was on a flight yesterday coming back from a birthday in Bali, on JQ36 back to Melb from DPS in J seat 1A

When the meal service was in full swing, I noticed the FO (3 stripes) out of the cockpit and into the crew rest area for at least 1-2 hours, so did that mean there was only the CP in the cockpit alone?, I thought maybe a crew member was in there too, but counted them including the service manager were all busy with meal service - full flight....

I thought all airlines has a 2pax policy at anyone time in the cockpit....especially QF\JQ and after that incident not long ago with the pilot who took an airliner down, locked the CP out of the cockpit...


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There would be at least one, possibly two reserve pilots.

Its possible they were in the jump seat for takeoff, and then the FO you saw rotated off.

or they may have slipped in while you weren't looking.

At no time, with the exception of perhaps a toilet break, would there have been fewer than two persons on the flight deck.


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Was probably 3 in there to begin with for whatever reason. 3-1=2. I very much doubt there would have been one left in there alone.


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Some have 2 jumpseats not sure about Jetstar 787’s. I was on a VA 737 a while back and pilot went to toilet. Crew member went into cockpit until he come back. It was reassuring to see.


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Three pilots operate JQ 787 international flights (sometimes 4), third and fourth pilot often a second officer


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Generally 2 people are in the cockpit (Varying on airline/country regulations). I've seen a FA go into the cockpit on short-haul flights whenever one of the pilots needed to go for a toilet break.

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