Qantas Melbourne-Denpasar, a good status run?

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James Barker

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With Qantas announcing MEL-DPS today this will be worth watching for status runs. SYD-DPS is a good yield for business class sales and double status credit periods, MEL-DPS will be the same with 480 status credits return in business class under a double status credit offer. Don't bother staying in DPS though, just turnaround and come straight back home!


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I don't know why you would just turn around and come straight back home? But the status haul seems appealing.

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JQ business max may still be better?


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Even better is to do SYD-MEL-DPS-MEL-SYD or MEL-SYD-DPS-SYD-MEL. Why fly direct when you can fly indirect and earn more?


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If you know this deal, I've booked several QR business from SGN to JFK return ($865) during last year's error fare sale. It earns 520 status credits per trip, but if you want to fly on Qsuite 777-300ER rather than A350, it's an overnight in Doha.


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I have to say that people really are losing all perspective when they are prepared to spend a day of their life travelling on a 738 for the sole purpose of earning status credits.

Status is supposed to be something which you earn when you are otherwise travelling. Travelling for the sole sake of earning status credits is just ridiculous.


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Great trick but whats wrong with DPS? Lovely place if you get to know it

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