• I can add a data point to this challenge. My aunt had maybe 100,000 Qantas Points earned over the years, lost due to inactivity, I rang on her behalf and QFF extended the same "2,500 points within 6 months" challenge. Easy to accomplish!

  • I doubt there's enough traffic from Adelaide to support flights to say LAX, if there was then Qantas would probably have started those flights already.

  • My tip here: checked bags quickly amass lots of these stickers from previous trips. To stop the baggage system from accidentally scanning the sticker of a previous trip and chucking a wobbly, get a thick felt-tipped market and run it through each old sticker. This is often easier than trying to r...

  • I don't agree that these changes are 'Clearly timed to catch out people who transfered full balances from velocity before the change in transfer rate.' SQ is a massive international airline, Velocity transfers would be a drop in the ocean here.

  • Replacing the one-day awards availability view with a 7-day view is great, I never understood why SQ didn't have this before.

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  • I'm sorry to say that while you get Qantas status privileges on an Emirates flight, you don't get Qantas status credits unless the flight is booked under the QF code. You will earn some Qantas frequent flyer points but at a greatly reduced rate. But if you want those status credits the flight has...

  • Originally Posted by Tony Boyd I'm flying with Cathay Pacific from Sydney to London later this month and have a bit of time at HKG between my flights, what's the best lounge to visit for breakfast? What times are your flights?

  • Virgin Australia's checkin location at LAX has moved from Terminal 2 to Terminal 3 as part of the airport's current upgrade. Flights still depart from Tom Bradley International Terminal, which is about a three minute walk via a walkway linking T3 to TBIT.

  • Qantas only has one CBR-PER flight so you won't have much choice there. Weekdays it's QF719, leaves Canberra 18:55 and arrives Perth 21:35. It's a Boeing 737-800 and according to this article half of the domestic B737 fleet has Wi-Fi fitted so you have a 50/50 chance. Qantas doesn't actually list...

  • If you are in business class and travelling carry-on only then yes, you can be among the first off the plane at HKG and through immigration and not have to queue for the showers. But anything which slows you down means taking a number and waiting.

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